The project brief requires the students to conceive a system of mixed-use buildings of different heights and typology to be built in an under-exploited area of the Venice mainland on the borders of the Venice Lagoon.
The projects shall have to be realistic and buildable on the one hand and on the other should take in account the specificity and the heritage of European and Italian architecture, together with the delicacy of the site, a place where nature(Venice lagoon), ancient history (Venice itself) and modern issues (de-industrialization), meet metaphorically and physically.

The workshop activities are scheduled from Monday through Friday, from 9am to 6pm.
In general, lectures will happen in the morning, whereas all afternoons will be dedicated to the design activity.
The IUAV University of Venice, Dipartimento di Culture del Progetto, and the University of Udine, will credit 4 ETCS Credits (corresponding to 2 US Credits) to all their "laurea magistrale" students taking part to "The Venice Towers" summer workshop.
The final output will consist of two A1 (84x59,6 cm) drawings and models at different scales. All the projects reaching a sufficient level of quality will be exhibited and published. The three best projects will be rewarded by the jury.


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