The Venice Architectural Association (VAA) is a non-profit cultural association, a working community with the ambition of transforming the local treasures of Venice history into "raw materials" for the city of the 21st century acting like a permanent workshop, a sort of “engine” of initiatives in the field of architecture.
We strongly believe that in a world where “sustainability” seems to be the key issue of every perspective on redevelopments of the built environment, a place like Venice, where artificial and natural, stone and water blend in such a unique and perfect way, constitutes not only a comforting link to past and tradition, but also and above all a very inspiring context and a living example of what a city should be. The VAA is open to students, professionals, educational institutions, and in general to everyone, individual or organization,

interested in the built environment. A VAA member will receive a quarterly newsletter on the initiatives of the association, and will have free access to conferences and exhibitions organized by VAA as well as discounts on VAA publications

VAA - Venice Architectural Association

S.Croce 1498, Venice 30135, Italy

c.f. 94081180278