A week-long, intense architectural experience: visiting and sketching Venice and its unique archipelago of beautiful, historical islands onboard one or two, houseboat!
Participants will live, sleep, work onboard and meals can be prepared on the boat’s fully-appointed kitchenette and/or eaten, at one of many little restaurants scattered in the islands.
Lectures on Venice and its islands’architectural history will take place on VAA own sailing boat.


The main object of the WS is helping participants to explore and understand the nature and the characteristics of this unique city, as seen and lived from the its most peculiar and original standpoint: the water. Therefore everything will be done on board: short lectures on the civil and architectural history of Venice will be given by local experts who will hop on and off the boat during its trip through the islands of the lagoon.
Participants will be encouraged to sketch the most interesting sites and form their own “Carnet de Voyage”: the oldest and most effective way to deeply understand the physical nature of the visited monuments.
There will be plenty of time to enjoy the natural beauty of the Lagoon, sunbathing, swimming (water is clean, lightly salted and warm ) and walking on the islands. Food (not included) can be cooked onboard and/or participants can visit and make the most of the many, picturesque little restaurants on the islands.